April 5, 2017

Thank You and Farewell to My Son’s Physical Therapist

down syndrome physical therapy therapist thank you good bye letter

Dear Charlene,

I knew we had to say goodbye soon, I just didn’t think it would be today. I thought the farewell would have to do with our family’s upcoming move to a new state, I never dreamed it would come sooner due to Anderson’s progress.

You have been there from the beginning. Once Anderson was old enough to have physical therapy, you were his therapist. I was eager to get him started and even after decades of doing this and the hundreds of patients you must have seen over the years, I could tell you were eager to help him. Not because this is your job, but because it’s your calling—to help kids like mine and parents like me.

I was still dealing with the freshness of Anderson’s Down syndrome diagnosis when you came into our lives. In many ways, you have been my tour guide these last two years.

You have taught me how to help him overcome hurdles. You have taught me things about my son’s uniqueness and have also helped me see just how much he is like every other kid.

In many ways you have been my therapist as well.

You have hugged me during the highs and lows of his development. You’ve listened to my fears about Anderson’s diagnosis and what it will mean for him. With every bit of uncertainty that has taken hold of my heart in the first two years of his life, you have always found ways to encourage me on this journey I never saw myself taking.

When you look at Anderson, I know you see more than his low muscle tone. The world may look at him and see barriers, but you see potential. Not only do you see it, but you have found ways to unlock it. While at the same time you’ve unknowingly helped me see my own potential as his mother.

Because of you, I have a boy who is walking. Because of you I have a boy who understands the world around him a bit better. Because of you, I have a bit more confidence in being his mom. 

So, thank you. Thank you for being our teacher, our counselor and friend.

With Love and Gratitude,

Jillian and Anderson

In a not so poetic way- thanks for just making therapy enjoyable. I will miss our weekly conversations. And thanks for not running in the other direction when  2-year-old Violet threw a shoe at your head- still probably my most mortifying parenting moment. 

To readers who are interested, Anderson will still have physical therapy in the future. His current therapist just thinks he’s walking so much now that he needs to just keep practicing that. Anderson started walking two months ago, but was still crawling much of that time. Now, he is choosing to walk the majority of the time. We will take what will probably be close to a two month break and pick it up again when Anderson is ready to move beyond walking.

This is a thank you letter to my son’s physical therapist.

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One thought on “Thank You and Farewell to My Son’s Physical Therapist”

  1. What a GREAT post ! Anderson is really something else……reaching those milestones.

    Keep posting his progress……….and your sweet thoughts.

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