September 6, 2017

Midweek Moral: When You’re Late to the Fight

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Recently our son Preston had an unexpected health scare. Of course being diagnosed with a Lower Urinary Tract Obstruction at 18 weeks gestation, we were prepared for many possible complications. We had appointments every week, sometimes 2-3 times a week during the pregnancy.

We had team meetings with fetal interventionists, nephrologists and urologists. We were as prepared as we could have been for his diagnosis. But he had another diagnosis that very rarely got mentioned—bilateral clubbed feet.

We knew he had them, but every specialist we saw made it seem as if it were no big deal, “You correct it with casts and then braces,” with a wave of a hand.

I met with an orthopedic surgeon once while pregnant. She explained the Ponseti method and off we went. Preston’s urinary tract issues way outweighed his clubbed feet in the doctors’ minds and in our own. I didn’t know there could be complications. I didn’t know until it happened.

After two days of extreme fussiness, we noticed Preston’s toes were sticking out further from the casts. We went to the Emergency Room and when they cut the casts off, we were shocked and horrified by what was beneath: deep sores and extreme swelling.

I was unprepared. I forgot to show up to this part of the fight. I didn’t do the things I normally do for my boys’ diagnoses. I didn’t research, I didn’t join any parents groups on Facebook, I didn’t. But just because I was late for the match, doesn’t mean I can’t enter the ring.

I wonder how many of us give up on things that matter because we think we’re too late. We think we’ve waited too long to chase a dream or change careers, too set in our ways to drop a bad habit, that we’ve let too much time pass to re-build a relationship.

Yes, damage was done. It may have still happened even if I had done my full due diligence, or maybe not. Either way, it doesn’t mean we are down and out. It’s not too late to make a change and advocate for his care.

Whether it’s a matter of the heart or a matter of circumstance, if there’s a fight to be had, it’s rarely too late to lace up our gloves and take a swing.

This is a new series at News Anchor To Homemaker. Every week I’ll be looking for a story, a lesson to learn from. It may come from my kids, husband, a stranger, one of my children’s many care providers, teachers, a church sermon, news event or something I’ve read. My blog posts are typically reflections of my own life. What I hope will be a bit different about this series is to find the bigger story, or moral, that we can all take something away from. Things that make us think. Also, my writings can sometimes take me hours upon hours to complete. These writings may be a bit shorter, might have a more casual style and will likely not be as big of an emotional commitment to read. I’ve heard on occasion that I’m a real tear-jerker! I’m hoping to provide a bit of thought and maybe even a lift to the middle part of your week. Thanks for taking this journey with me.

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