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With the exception of math, school came fairly easy to me as a kid, however I wasn’t exactly interested. That changed in 8thgrade when my teacher showed me I had a knack for writing. I combined my newfound interest with my then long time passion, performing, and decided on a career in Broadcast News. Fun fact: the first time I was on TV was actually for a singing competition in Orlando. I went to University of Georgia because of their outstanding journalism program and that’s where I met Andy. I may not be in television anymore, but my parents say Andy was worth the out-of-state tuition! Marrying into the military and having a child with Down syndrome has changed my life’s course, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. When I am not writing this blog, I am taking the kids out on one of our daily adventures, working for my part-time Public Relations job, volunteering or spending time with my best friend (my husband). Read some of my favorite posts herehere and here.

Andy is my husband and editor-in-chief. When he is not overhauling my grammatical errors, he is drilling on teeth, reading UGA football articles or working out. Andy is a dentist in the United States Air Force and will soon start the joint military Orthodontics residency program. What attracted me to Andy was his ability to make me laugh. Although he’s extremely type-A in all things work related, he’s a goofball at heart. Andy’s joy and positive energy are contagious and I feel so incredibly fortunate to be the person he’s chosen to spend his life with. Read my favorite posts about Andy herehere and here.

Violet is our sweet and spunky almost-five-year old. She is a good combination of her dad and me—very particular and funny like him, extremely social and hate being alone like me. She’s also very affectionate, kind and an incredible big sister to both of her little brothers. Read some of my favorite posts about Violet here and here

Anderson surprised us when he came into this world rocking an extra chromosome. Anderson has taught us so many life lessons in his short life. He has an infectious smile and radiates joy. He’s also incredibly stubborn and keeps us on our toes. There’s no question that parenting a child with Down syndrome brings extra challenges, but it has also grown our capacity to love.  Read some of my favorite posts about Anderson herehere and here.

This sweet baby is a typical third child…he gets toted around a lot and you can normally find him in pajamas. Preston was diagnosed with posterior urethral valves while in the womb. He has been through so many trials in his first few months of life (he had a small surgery while he was still inside of me!) but his health has turned out better than anyone expected. We can’t wait to see what God has in store for our miracle baby. Read my favorite articles about Preston herehere and here.