Meet Jillian

View More:! You might have guessed by now that my name is Jillian Benfield. I’m a former TV News Anchor/Reporter, turned military wife and mom of three. One of my sons rocks an extra chromosome—also known as Down syndrome. My other son was diagnosed with a rare urinary tract disease, which resulted in some of the scariest months of our lives. God has taught me so much through the struggles with our boys and I write about these experiences often.

When I’m not cruising in my minivan transporting kids to multiple doctor appointments or taking them to and from different schools, you can find me either working from home with a cup of coffee, cooking up something in the kitchen while blaring Ed Sheeran radio, or ending the day with a glass of wine with my best friend—my husband, Andy.

I write about real life with raw honesty, all with a heaping dose of hope and encouragement. Although my articles are often serious and emotional in nature (as we have been through our share of heartache)—I’m also quick with a laugh. I don’t know how to survive this whole parenting thing without finding the funny in the day-to-day. To get the lighter side of me, be sure to follow along on Facebook and Instagram, so we can laugh together!

I also describe myself as an extroverted homebody—translation: I really like to have people over. That means in the midst of deep and heartfelt, you will find recipes, and party ideas, too.

It is my greatest hope that you feel connected and inspired by the words and you find here. Mission Statement: “To help readers feel connected and encouraged to see hope and at times beauty in the good, hard and every day moments through honest and heartfelt writing, videos, social media posts and online group.”